As the days turn to weeks and the signatures blast past the half way margin I find myself in an excited stage of panic. The end is drawing near to the battle but, the war has yet to begin. Once 10,000 signatures has been reached it will be like bringing knives to a gun fight and we unfortunately are holding the knives. But, aren’t the “weakest” usually the strongest when it comes down to the battle between good and evil? In a world that relies on balance, good will slay the evil that lies within a group called the Juggalo Holocaust. A wretched group of haters that wish to bring total demise to our culture and they accomplished part of their plan. Their barbaric manner of claiming our name must come to an end, for we are not the cheats, thieves, and murderers they make us out to be. No, we are the people of the Hatchetman Culture, the men and women, the Juggalos and Juggalettes that empower our faith in what we call Family.

Being a Juggalo or Juggalette does not mean that you are a gang member. It does not mean that you go out and commit violent acts against another person. It means that you are a person that follows the belief in doing good throughout your life. Some believe that it is truly the path to Shangri-La, a paradise in the after world. This does not mean that Juggaloism is a religion. We do not follow the guidelines to be a recognized religion but, we do follow the guidelines to be a culture. A subculture to the American culture if you would like to get technical. But, being a Jugglo/Lette means so much more. It means that you are part of what we call, Family. Within this Family you are welcome regardless of your age, ethnicity, race, or sex. Disabilities also do not hinder a person from being accepted into the Family. All are welcome to join as long as they understand that the Dark Carnival is not about death, it is about life.

It is with all my heart that I hope all the people of our fine culture be free to express their beliefs without threat of legal punishment by their own government. I hope that with the petition and all those that are joining to fight this cause, can win. I wish you all the best. MMFWCL


The Lette Pandabare